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Zooming with a pre-Covid dress shirt and sweatpants is so 2020. Designers are offering hybrids that are tailor-made for our times.

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Keeping track of small expenses can be difficult, but here's where to start. @amberbburton reports. #WSJWhatsNow

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Repetitive virtual meetings have sapped morale, so companies are hiring four-legged guests—sheep, tortoises, llamas and more—to paint smiles back on the faces of jaded employees

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An upscale ride-hailing company is launching a new inner-city service in New York on Monday, seeking to challenge the black-car services of Uber and Lyft

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An advisory panel voted Sunday to recommend that adults in the U.S. get the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. The recommendation now goes to the CDC director, whose expected sign off is the last step before wide use can begin this week.

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A Covid-19 vaccine in testing could have big advantages over other shots. It would be a major turnaround for Novavax, a company that just a year ago was struggling to survive.

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Senate Democratic leaders are now preparing a backup plan to increase workers’ wages

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Pfizer and BioNTech started human studies to determine whether giving a third dose of their Covid-19 vaccine would increase its effectiveness against new strains

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Some countries are sharpening their Covid-19 vaccination pitches to the public: Get a shot or face a penalty.

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The Tokyo Olympics have already been postponed for a year, and are set to incur billions of dollars in losses if they don’t happen in 2021. But can they do so safely? #WSJWhatsNow

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As he was portraying Walter White on “Breaking Bad,” actor Bryan Cranston was building a beach house inspired by his longtime instincts for environmental preservation. Now it’s for sale.

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“There’s no denying their true chemistry.” When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler take the stage together to host the 78th Golden Globes, they will be about 2,500 miles apart—but they are well equipped for the challenge.

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The pandemic opened the door to a new class of vaccines that scientists say can protect against future outbreaks. “This is one of those giant leap moments.”

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Frustrated with the pace of plans to reopen public schools, parents are mobilizing against San Francisco’s elected school board, arguing it has given priority to social justice issues over getting students back in classrooms

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Here’s advice from doctors involved in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout on how to prepare for the shot and what to expect

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New York lawmakers called for the state’s attorney general to review allegations that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed two women who previously worked for him. The lawmakers rejected Cuomo’s plan to appoint a former judge to review the accusations.

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“I think it’s in our consciousness that the elderly are the ones who are lonely, but young people are lonely, too.” In a survey, 61% of young people ages 18 to 25 reported serious loneliness in the prior month, compared with 24% of adults ages 55 to 65.

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Select airports as well as airlines including United and JetBlue are experimenting with apps that use blockchain technology to verify if travelers are Covid-free before boarding #WSJWhatsNow

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to upend the job market. Whether you’re a new graduate, trying to get back in the game or seeking a new skill set, join our free March 4 summit for how to navigate a competitive landscape. Register here:

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